Repetition is Key…

You must form a habit of what you want to be. That is what is meant when people say “You have to be it first or it will never happen.” or even “Fake it till you make it.”  You may ask why I follow-up the last blog with this. Well it’s an easy answer. You must convince yourself, specifically your subconscious that you are what you are trying to achieve. I know it sounds backwards but it truly is the way to success in whatever you are trying to do. This even carries over into day-to-day or even school tasks. A great example that is real easy to see is this. You study hard-core and go over all the same data to form a new way of thinking about a particular subject and you think of nothing but this all of the time. You do this to pass your test so it seems….What you are really doing is subconsciously seeing yourself as already passed or graduated. You are doing what it takes and this is done by constant repetition and training of the brain. You don’t even realize you are doing it. Look back on all things you accomplished in life and the things you did not complete. Were you not fully succumbed by every thought process revolving around the subject? The answer is YES! Don’t lie : )

This is harder to do than working out. This is an every second of the day task. You can not let your mind wander or it will find failure. It’s the hard truth. That is why I want to beat it in your head to focus. When you are driving around what is it that you are thinking about? Most of us are just thinking of nothing much; Don’t be late, I’ve got to go to the store, wonder what so and so is doing, I need to buy this product…..etc. You are not picturing your desired end result. You are picturing someone else’s desired results. You have to visualize constantly and make a conscious effort to control your thoughts at all times. If not, you are thought through on a daily basis.  As I said, this is not an easy task . We are bombarded by shit all the time and this is done on purpose. You are making other people’s dreams come true by not following what you truly want to do in life. I know it sounds weird.This has been a practice since the beginning of recorded history. Focused mental energy, honed and pointed at a certain goal. You can even see the power by prayer. A large group of people focused and all inline with one goal to be accomplished. Now, I am in no way a religious person at all. With that said I do know the power religions have. It is the same power I am talking about here.

To harness this power you must believe your goal is achievable. If you do not believe within yourself then it can not be done. You must also be sure in the fact that this is what you truly want. What does your spirit tell you? Not what does the outside world tell you  that you should be or do. You can not and will not EVER be able to make someone happy with what you decide to do. Anyway, you answer to yourself and what you think. Or at least I hope. If not, you need some re-arranging of your thought of what happiness is. Do not get trapped in the search for happiness. Happiness does not exist! I know, I know, I know….but it does not. You may have a sense of euphoria and a release of serotonin and whatever else your brain releases but that is a chemical not a word happiness. It is an unreachable journey that you are purposefully sent on to fail. I know it may sound harsh but the truth normally is not what you want to hear. So bottom line STOP trying to be “happy” and start thinking about what you feel is natural for you to do. It will be different for all of us.

I challenge you to decide on what you want for yourself. Picture it from start to finish and hold your thoughts and minds eye on the end result. Ask yourself, is this picture what you really want? Don’t do this quickly, really think about it and let it sink in. Think about where you are going to live, work everyday, where you will be shopping, the clothes you wear…..I mean really picture in full detail and color. Is this where you want to be mentally, spiritually and physically? Please do this exercise for yourself and everyone around you. I will be asking you about it and to use what you have decided next time. Now close your eyes, take deep breaths in a constant flow, start to visualize your goals and start the journey……See you next time!



Getting Started for REAL!

I have been through a crazy journey chasing music though out my whole life and I feel like its just started! It is time to get going for real! There is nothing more I want than to do what I want LOL! That is dream of us all right? I’m not saying be lazy and do nothing, I am saying tremendous focus on my agenda. Music has been a huge outlet for my creative side and I am glad to have this talent and love for the music BUT I am done chasing it and its only part of the creative process. I have come to the realization that I am already what I want and I just need to release. I need to take the full jump and make this happen. I will need to make sure everything is in order before I do this. If you know me in a business sense then you know what I mean. As a matter of fact, if you listen to the lyrics in my releases you can see this as well. I am a firm believer in planning everything out to achieve success.

Have you noticed that everything you want to do, you don’t ever get around to doing it or finishing it? Almost everyone I know is that way and I am so focused on my goals I cant be around most people. Sounds crazy but it is true. I only have time to do what I want and this train is moving! This year is the start of it all. My business partner and myself have a lot to do : ) We have all our goals for the year listed in categories of each business. It is a lot from the outside looking in but its truly just multiple mini goals done weekly to achieve the big picture. Stay following my blog and see how and what we accomplish this year. I hope to inspire change in your life to get what you want and deserve. I hope to see you next time!